Towards the end of May 1998, Andrew and I started the Traidcraft stall at St Johnís. The main purpose of the stall is to raise awareness of Fair Trade and its benefits. Traidcraft (in a nutshell) is an UK organisation that is seeking to narrow the gap between people in the 'third world' and people in the UK. This creates opportunities for trade that benefits all parties, dealing fairly with customers, suppliers, staff and shareholders, proving the commercial viability of an alternative trading system to encourage others to follow our example.

The stall is set up after the 10.30 services most Sundays and after the 5.30 service once a month (usually the first Sunday).

We have concentrated on the food related products so, if support was lacking, we could eat it ourselves! The stall is completely self-supporting and the last few years we have been able to send a donation (including some customersí donations) to Traidcraft Exchange.

Traidcraft Exchange (TX) carries out the charitable work of Traidcraft. This involves developing a network of overseas Partnerships providing business development services, training and mentoring to the staff of the Partner organisation. TX also makes the links between the Partnersí clients (suppliers) and potential buyers. More information about Traidcraft can be found on www.traidcraft.co.uk. For fair trade in Britain in general see www.bafts.org.uk: The British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) is a network of independent Fair Trade or World Shops across the UK.

On most lines our prices are a little more expensive than the supermarkets, which is not too surprising, because of the lack of economies of scale and the business ethics of Traidcraft. However, it is pleasing to see some of our products (Cafédirect, Geobars, sugar, etc.) also available in the mainstream supermarkets.

Local information available from Jane Holland.

Jane Holland